vrijdag 24 april 2015

Pale pink + Yvestown

As a late Eastergift,
I treated myself with 3 new inspiring books from Yvestown.

I was in a pale pink mood and enjoyed/photographed my gifts in semi-shadow-semi-sun, while working in the garden, doing the immensive amount of laundry (hence the wrinkles in my newly made and washed tablecloth ;-)), sipping my rosé wine in between all acivities.

I  just love beautiful and simple packages 
(and the things that are inside, of course)
and the perfect match with the delicate pale pink blossoms of our appletree.

Sweet Yvonne signed all 3 books aswell, so extra pleasure starts at the first page ;-)

I'm reading and studying all pictures for now, but my fingers itch already ...

Oh and did you know already that the best thing about the sun is the shadow?

Enjoy another lovely day of spring!

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