donderdag 30 april 2015

Newpaper grow jars + Clarice

Yesterday, Clarice and I made some small growjars out of newspapers, an idea which we saw at Dille&Kamille (here).

She had gotten these tomato seeds and a blue bamboo jar as a present and they grow really well, unexepectedly,
but now it was time to give them some space before planting them outside.

April in Belgium is quite tricky and it can be all kinds of weather: heavy rain for days, supersunny or even freezing at night... so we wanted to be sure that they are firm enough before planting them outside in full ground.

While doing so, I photographed her with a major head and small body,
(remember the +++ T? here)
 like the red Queen in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (here)... 
although it was a sad grey day,
we had a blast ;-)

zondag 26 april 2015

Gran Canaria * El roque nublo & Pico de Las Nieves

When we drove even further into the hinterland, we discovered that Gran Canaria has a a lot of variety in its landscapes.

We stopped at 'El Roque Nublo', the thumbshaped stone, you can even see while strolling down the beach...
The landscape you cross when walking 1,5km towards the rock itself, resembles the far west.

At the Pico de las Nieves, the highest peak of the island,
you have a wonderful sight towards 'el roque nublo' and the Teide , which is the top of neighbouring island, Tenerife
(and the highest mountain of whole Spain!).

vrijdag 24 april 2015

Pale pink + Yvestown

As a late Eastergift,
I treated myself with 3 new inspiring books from Yvestown.

I was in a pale pink mood and enjoyed/photographed my gifts in semi-shadow-semi-sun, while working in the garden, doing the immensive amount of laundry (hence the wrinkles in my newly made and washed tablecloth ;-)), sipping my rosé wine in between all acivities.

I  just love beautiful and simple packages 
(and the things that are inside, of course)
and the perfect match with the delicate pale pink blossoms of our appletree.

Sweet Yvonne signed all 3 books aswell, so extra pleasure starts at the first page ;-)

I'm reading and studying all pictures for now, but my fingers itch already ...

Oh and did you know already that the best thing about the sun is the shadow?

Enjoy another lovely day of spring!

maandag 20 april 2015

Surprizing Gran Canaria * a trip into the hinterland

It's already 3 years ago (auwch, is that us? here, here and here) since we last took a trip to our friends who live on this beating heart of the Canaries.
This easter holiday we had an even more splendid time in Gran Canaria, with other very dear friends by our side...

the island opened its secrets to us...

the hinterland took our breath away.

I immediateely fell in love with all of its natural beauty.

From step one.

zaterdag 4 april 2015

Herb & spices * organizing

Last week I just saw a good idea for organizing tea at Yvestown, and immediately did the same with all the glass jars of my Dille&Kamille spices & herbs.
I have saved a bunch of beautiful glass jars, 
some match perfect together, some not,
so when giving all of them the same blackboard hat, they all fit together well.

I always keep the stickers which you get when ordering spices in the D&K store, as  they carry some additional info.
But I also use their preprinted labels and the ones that I write myself.
I stick to black and white, to give the whole a coherent view.

I just love those smells.

Their colours also look great together...
always a joy to cook like this.