zondag 25 januari 2015

Our corridor

2015 started with some work around the house.
Our hallway's gotten a new look.
I dreamed of this for quite a while now,
after we had gone for the colours: 'linen & suède',
we now chose 'basalt & eggwhite', in a faux paneling effect.
Situated at the Northside, our corridor now has a light of it's own,
due to these new colours.

Pure & simple.
It fits us well.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, that´s beautiful! (And I´m glad that your blog is in English now, my English isn´t so good but it´s better than my Dutch (I hope it was Dutch?):)

    1. Thank you ;-) I will continue in English as from now on... as my flemish (+/- the same as dutch) wasn't that easy to understand for you or other international readers... Enjoy your sunday!

    2. I´m sorry, Dina! It seemed to me a bit strange that you live in Belgium and you speak dutch, but it was ,,Google Translator" who told me that the language of your blog is dutch:)).

    3. Haha! No problem... I wasn't offended by 'the dutch'; it's actually correct what "google translator" told you ;-) Anyhow, it remains a lot easier to communicate in English ;-) Enjoy your sunday evening!

  2. Het ziet er mooi uit!! Dat gewei vind ik super!