zaterdag 9 mei 2015

Little 'thank you' bags

Although we already had the utterly most fun experience of doubling the birthdayparty of Maxime & Clarice 
(party:here & satchels:here)...
we decided to do the same this year!

In total, they invited 20 friends, ages 5 to 10.

I think you can guess how overly excited all 20 of them were...

but fortunately we had the brilliant idea to go outside; 
combining an icecream at the local petting farm (part of it you see here), a hiking through the woods and fields, towards a large outdoor playground.
Enough space to get all energy out ;-)

Afterwards, both gamins wanted to give a small present to all attendees, so Clarice made these small bags herself (with a little helping hand from mum ;-)). It's the same simple idea, as we used for the tiny bags for Maurice (here). Maxime filled them up with candy and a small watergun. 

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