donderdag 28 mei 2015

New frames + Saar Manche

When repainting the rest of our corridor (part1, see here), we also selected some new decoration for our walls.

We chose simple black frames.

We would print our own black and white (holiday)pictures to fill them up, but then I thought of all the nice cards and old drawings which I bought in Firenze (here) and Sevilla (here), last year.

I took them outside, 
and loved to do this quitely on my own, 
but it isn't easy to take good pictures...

The small frames have drawings of characters of the Commedia dell'Arte.

The larger frames hold replica's of old animaldrawings, cut from an old book, which I bought at the large fleemarket in Sevilla.

Filling frames is one thing, choosing how to put them on a big wall, is another...

so for now, they still have to wait a little ;-)

Any good ideas?

I also ordered 2 nice paintings, made by Saar Manche, at Pépin La Lune in Brussels. I love Saar's sence of style, which you can clearly see in her pictures and illustrations, on her blog and on Instagram.
They fit nicely with the black frames but for now, I've put them elsewhere.

A house continuously evolves...
and so it should.

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